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Electrical muscle stimulation

Adjunctive procedures use therapeutic treatments to reduce inflammation associated with an injury. These procedures are also useful in reducing pain from edema, adhesions, and restricted range of motion. It promotes healing using these treatments:

• Interferential electrical muscle stimulation

• Intersegmental traction

Newman Chiropractic Center LLC of Pittsburgh, PA has a rehabilitation and strengthening room on-site, which means all your treatments can be completed at our location.


One-on-one coaching will ensure your recovery is as smooth as possible and get you back to your daily routines.

Exercise Rehabilitation And Strengthening Treatment

We use state-of-the-art x-ray machines to make sure you receive the best treatments! Call today:


Reduce Pain With Adjunctive Procedures

We have a licensed and certified massage therapist available, so you can easily get all your treatments in one place. She uses the most advanced massage techniques to reduce your pain.


Deep tissue and soft tissue massages are great for relieving chronic pain from injuries, accidents, or illnesses.

Get Advanced Massage Therapy Treatments

Chiropractic services release stress from your body called vertebral subluxation complex. This complex can affect your nerves, muscles, internal organs, discs, bones, brain function, posture, and overall health. We'll use the treatment that will provide you with the best relief from the chronic pain you are experiencing.

Release the stress from your body