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Back ache

• Neck and back pain

• Elbow, wrist, or hand pain

• Buttock or tailbone pain

• Hip, leg, knee, ankle, or foot pain

• Muscle spasms


• Numbness

Treating your symptoms won't always get rid of your pain. Treating the cause of the symptoms will provide you with longer relief, if not a complete elimination of pain. Newman Chiropractic Center LLC of Pittsburgh, PA has the treatments necessary to target the affected area.

Treat The Cause Of Your Symptoms For Pain Relief

Treat All Chronic Pain Caused By Spinal Issues

Vertebral subluxations can cause chronic pain and other health problems if undiagnosed. Subluxations can be caused by poor posture, accidents, sitting or walking for long periods, and even emotional stress. Visit Dr. Novak today and he will determine the right course of action for your symptoms.

Correct Painful Subluxations In Your Spine

Newman Chiropractic Center LLC will take care of all paperwork necessary for you to receive the chiropractic treatments you need. All you have to supply is your basic information and you can find them on the patient forms page.

Don't hassle with insurance paperwork

Get the treatments you need to relieve your aches and pains. Call today for an appointment: